Monday, July 22, 2013

My Time in KL and my Host Family

Thinking about arriving in Malaysia was really exciting. Actually getting to Malaysia was even more exciting. But actually meeting my host family and going to Ipoh was so amazing! Yesterday, I arrived in Ipoh and got to see the city, as well as the suburb of Chemor where I will be staying. My host family is very nice and encouraging, and I'm having a fun time with them. Although I know I will miss my natural family back in the U.S., I'm sure that spending time with my host family will help mitigate the natural feeling of home-sickness that exchange students feel while abroad.
I'm making this a short post, but there are a few pictures that I hope you will enjoy. Until next time! Selemat jalan!


My friend Stuart and I at Hong Kong Airport taking pictures with the boards where you put your faces in. I'm finally taller than him!

My first meal in Malaysia ironically was McDonald's...

This was a cool part of the Berjaya Times Square Mall in Kuala Lumpur. There's a video of it somewhere below. Berjaya Times Square Mall is the 14th largest shopping mall in the world and has over 1000 stores in it.

An awesome "piano staircase" in Times Square Mall

The really cool, really large capsule machine in Times Square Mall. Kinda resembles a gumball machine.

The Kuala Lumpur Tower-the tallest landmark in KL.

The famous Petronas Towers of KL.

Awesome grafiti in KL

A Chinese temple in KL Chinatown

A Hindu temple literally a 20 second-walk away from the Chinese temple! The diversity here is amazing!

Petaling Street in KL

Me in front of the Petronas Towers

A mosque in a bazaar


  1. I love KL for the same reason too! So many things to see and so little time. Each time I spot something new sprouting up, amongst the old. It's such a gorgeous city that I'm proud to call home!

    Have fun in Ipoh. You HAVE to try their "Steamed Salted Chicken". It's so very good, and it's unique to Ipoh. :)

    1. Yes, KL is definitely amazing, and I cannot wait to visit again! Ipoh is nice, and although it does not have all the attractions of KL, it is very peaceful here!