Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Flights and my Arrival

I'm in Malaysia!

After a flight from LA to Hong Kong that was about 14 hours long, we stopped in Hong Kong for a 3 hour layover. During that time, I checked out Hong Kong airport, took silly photos, and had a little bit of a rest before we left for Kuala Lumpur on a 3 hour flight. We arrived at the KL airport tired, but two really nice AFS volunteers, Jude and Jed, took us to our hotel where we will be staying through the 20th. Today, we met kids from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, Canada, and other countries, most of which are located in Europe. This was a really nice experience to meet kids from all over the globe now staying in the same area as us. Next, we went on a short tour of a KL mall. We got to use the local train system, which was really fun! In the mall, there was a keyboard staircase (which I'll post a video of in a couple of days) and a giant gumball/prize dispenser machine (which I'll post a picture of in a couple of days). Now, I am in my room getting some rest from an exhausting flight and the jet lag that accompanies any journey that crosses several time zones.

I will post some very interesting pictures and videos of Kuala Lumpur back on this post in a couple days, so check back then!


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