Saturday, August 17, 2013

1 Month in Malaysia!!!

I've been in Malaysia for one month-31 days-so far! So I've decided to make a list of 31 things I already love about Malaysia! Here they are, and let's hope that this list expands in the coming months!

1. KL Skyline
2. School and my friends
3. Chinese Cave Temples
4. Nasi Goreng is my favorite food here!!!
5. How often people shower you with Duit Raya during Hari Raya
6. How I can see people in baju melayu and baju kurung, in saris and punjabi suits, and in normal day-to-day clothing in the same place
7. Fireworks at Hari Raya
8. The sight of the mountains from my house and the breeze from that direction make looking outside so amazing!
9. Humongous shopping malls in KL and Ipoh
10. Baju Melayu!!!
11. Orientations (Great for meeting other exchange students)
12. AFS/YES Alumni-I am really glad I have so many alumni friends that I can talk to whenever I have a question
13. Watching hours of badminton-seriously, it's fun to watch
14. Watching hours of sepak takraw-even more fun to watch
15. Learning Malay from my host siblings and host mother
16. Street-side stalls (they sell the best food)
17. Bazaar Ramadan
18. Hari Raya Songs (they can be pretty catchy!)
19. The fact that I've been able to get somewhat over the smell of durian
20. Malaysian TV has movies and shows in Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English, although a lot of the Chinese shows are soap operas
21. Kampung houses (village houses)
22. Performing Salaam to people and receiving it back from little kids
23. National Anthem and State Song of Perak
24. How little I think of the heat even while outside
25. Being able to see a mosque, a church, and a Hindu temple on the same street
26. Rows of palm trees everywhere
27. How some shopping complexes have touristy stores outside and grocery stores inside
28. The fact that there are less mosquitoes now than at the same time back in Houston
29. How I've gotten used to the British system in most cases (using the metric system and getting into the left side of the car)
30. Fasting during Ramadan
31. The fact that I don't feel as homesick as I thought I would at this point

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