Monday, August 5, 2013

Hari Raya Host Family

Selamat Hari Raya!-Happy Hari Raya!

By yesterday afternoon, I guessed that I would not be able to stay and celebrate Hari Raya, the Muslim celebration for the end of Ramadan, with a Muslim family over the next week or so. I could not have been more wrong. Yesterday, around 6:00, I learned that I would be leaving my host family for a week to stay with a Malay family. About 20 minutes later, I left my host family's house for the Handing Over ceremony in Tambun Heights. A bit later, I met my host family for Hari Raya. I have two host siblings, a host mom, host dad, and host grandmother. Also, I'm staying here along with Max, another AFS student from Germany. So far, we went to McDonalds and stayed at Meor's (my host brother) grandmother's house for the night. Today, we are fasting until 7:30, when we will break the fast with a large meal. I'll make a post every day we are here and post all the posts whenever I get internet access. Also, I will post all the cool pictures and videos along with the last blog post!

Until next time! Jumpa lagi!


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