Monday, September 9, 2013

A day as an English teacher

On Saturday, I got to visit a school in Tapah Road to volunteer as a teaching assistant. The school was hosting its annual English Day event. 16 stations were set up, each with a different game/way for the kids to practice and improve their Bahasa Inggeris (English). I was posted in Station 1, where multiple collections of coins, bags, cards, stamps, and other materials were complied. I explained some of the collections to children and answered any questions they had about the U.S.

In addition, 4 other AFS Perak students and 7 AFS Selangor students came to the school. Although we were all posted in different stations, we got to see each other quite often during the day. We all were able to speak fluent English despite coming from a large variety of countries (the U.S., Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, France, Czech Republic, Italy, and Belgium). Everyone at the event was very happy to meet us, and we were treated very well by students and teachers alike.

The 12 AFS students and 4 local students

It was very fun to interact with the kids, teach them English, and practice our Malay with them. All of us had a great time, and I really felt great being able to help the kids practice their English. I'm also happy that they were so welcoming and grateful to the foreigners in their school. In addition, I really enjoyed getting to see my friends from the Perak and Selangor chapters. I loved this volunteering event, and I'd love to participate in something like this again!


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