Monday, September 30, 2013

Amazing Hindu Temple in Ipoh!!!

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday, my host mother's parents were being honored at a temple in Ipoh, so my host family and I went to the temple to watch the ceremony. At first, I thought the event would be us listening to a couple of hours of speeches in Tamil. Instead, I got to enter the temple and explore it for myself. Being a Hindu, I've been to several temples in Houston and the U.S. Still, none of them compare to the size and magnificence of this one.

The culture that I could see and experience at this temple was so cool because the temple reminded of other ones in South India. It was so authentic that I felt like I was in a temple in the middle of Chennai! I really understand a lot more about Indian culture and religion in Malaysia now, and I wanted to post some pictures so that you guys could see them! I hope that you guys admire the pictures and that they inspire you to visit Malaysia one day!

The entrance to the temple with the characteristic gopura (pyramid structure) of South Indian temples

The main structure of the temple

An Indian kolam (a type of Hindu design made of chalk and powder). Kolams are usually drawn in temples or at the front of houses during special occasions.

An image of a Hindu goddess

A depiction of Surya, the Hindu sun god

A shrine apart from the main structure of the temple

The artwork and the captions on the wall come from Hindu stories

The interior design of the temple ceiling and walls


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