Sunday, September 8, 2013

Embassy Visit 1!!!

This past Wednesday, I got a chance to visit the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. I was really excited to get to KL because this visit would be my second (first was the orientation in KL directly after arrival). After my delayed orientation in Pangkor, I took a bus from a nearby station to KL. Although the drive was 5 hours long, I was able to talk to a nice person headed to KL and gain back dearly needed sleep during the trip. When I finally arrived in the KL Sentral station, my new friend helped me get a train ticket and head on to my destination station.

That night, I arrived at the KL chapter leader's house and stayed there. I got to meet up with two of my friends from the U.S., Stuart and Jackie (both of whom live in Johor Bahru). We went to dinner, watched some TV, and got some sleep before the embassy visit the next day.

The next day, we got to visit the embassy. We had a couple speakers come talk to us about different topics and answer any questions we had. Although the visit was only for a couple of hours, I did get to meet up with all of my American friends and spend a couple of hours with them after the visit. I'm happy we all got to meet up that day, and I cannot wait until the next embassy visit!

Me with three of my friends (two in Johor Bahru, one in Kuantan)

YES Abroad & BP 2013-14! (except for Stuart, who was sick that day)

A view of the Petronas Towers from my train back home

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