Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Bahasa Melayu

Selamat petang!

I've noticed in the past week or so that things have calmed down around here. I feel I've become used to my life here, and I can feel the beginning of my adjustment process coming around. I've also improved my Malay a lot, and I can have a slow conversation with someone about a bunch of things. I'll even try to write out the rest of the post (which is about my day today) in Malay without any help. I'll add an English translation at the bottom too :)

Pagi ini, saya tiba di sekolah saya. Saya adalah sangat letih, tapi saya tak tidur. Selepas tiga jam, saya makan roti kerana saya sangat lapar. Kemudian, kelas saya ada tiga jam lebih sebelum sekolah habis. Selepas sekolah, saya tengok filem di rumah dan tidur untuk satu jam. Petang ini, saya makan mee dan pergi ke Facebook. Sekarang, saya sedang tulis ini!

This morning, I arrived at my school. I was pretty tired, but I didn't go to sleep. After 3 hours, I ate some bread because I was hungry (and it was break time). Then, my class had 3 more hours before school finished. After school, I watched a movie at the house and slept for an hour. This evening, I ate noodles and went on Facebook. Right now, I am writing this post!

Anirudh :)

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