Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trip to Pulau Pangkor

Selamat petang!

This past Monday and Tuesday (September 2 & 3), I was able to visit Pulau Pangkor ("Pangkor Island") for my delayed orientation. Four other AFS students in Perak also attended the orientation. We visited interesting places on the island and spent time at the beach and hotel pool.

First, we took a ferry in order to get from the mainland to the island. Pangkor is located off the western coast of Perak and has a population of about 25,000. After getting onto the island, we rented one of those eleven seat SUV's. The driver took us to a couple interesting places before dropping us off in the hotel. First, we went to a former Dutch fort on the island. The fort is known as "Kota Belanda" and has a main fortress as well as interesting designs on the grass.

 The ferry

Satu Malaysia!

The Dutch fort "Kota Belanda"

Cool designs on the grass in the fort

The five AFS Perak 2013-14 students! From Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, and the U.S.

Afterwards, we visited a famous Chinese temple called "Fu Lin Kong Temple." The temple is enormous, and the architecture and colors are startling! There's no better way for me to share how amazing the temple was without posting some pictures:

Absolutely stunning temple!

After getting to the hotel, we explored the beach and the hotel pool. We had actual orientation work later that Monday night, but after our work, we were able to go to the beach for a few minutes.

Finally, on Tuesday, all of the students and volunteers got to go snorkeling for a couple of hours. This part of the trip was the highlight of the visit for me! After our boating and snorkeling, however, the orientation ended, and we had to return home. I enjoyed this orientation so much, and I'd really love to visit Pangkor again!

Me with snorkeling gear on

Beautiful view of the ocean and neighboring islands

An island resort with amazing rooms right above the water!

A slime jelly!

Group photo

Me with some islands in the background

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