Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tiga Bulan di Ipoh! Three Months in Ipoh!

Yesterday was a pretty significant day as far as anniversaries go. Three months ago yesterday, I arrived in Ipoh for the first time, full of excitement and amazement. Truthfully, I was also a little nervous beginning my year here and starting school. But those feelings quickly disappeared when I got used to the environment here. The people here are extremely friendly and accommodating, and Ipoh has quickly become a town I love.

Three months is a pretty long time. It's basically a quarter of a year. And over the last three months/quarter of a year, I've done a lot of interesting, edifying, and downright awe-inspiring things! I've toured KL and Ipoh, made many friends, celebrated Hari Raya, explored a cave system millions of years in age, traveled to colorful Chinese temples, visited beautiful Hindu temples, met the Menteri Besar and Raja Muda of Perak, celebrated Malaysia's independence on Merdeka Day, visited Pulau Pangkor, seen Malaysia play in the Asian Hockey Cup, been to the U.S. Embassy in KL, celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, and taken place in the festivities for Hari Malaysia!

This all leads me to say that I've learned a lot during my stay here. The events listed above have been really fun and have allowed me to learn things as well, but a lot of what I learn about Malaysia comes in between these events and during the normal day-to-day activities of my time here. School, time spent at home, and regular interactions with my host family and friends help me learn a lot about the culture and language here. I'm still learning more every day, and I know that what I learn each day helps me understand about Malaysian culture and religions. I cannot wait until Deepavali celebrations begin, as I'm sure I will learn so much about Malaysian Hindus and their culture.

I'm really happy to have been here for three months, and I'm going to post some pictures (If I were to post all of them, I don't know when I would end!) from some of the amazing experiences I've had during the last three months here. It's been a great time so far, Malaysia, and I'm looking ahead to the rest of the year here!

First step onto Malaysian soil!
July 18, 2013, around 12:45 PM

First Kampung House Sighting

First time to Tesco

 During Hari Raya

A brilliant Hindu cave temple

Malaysia vs. Pakistan

Salaaming the Raja Muda (Son of the Sultan of Perak)

With the Menteri Besar of Perak (similar to a governor of a state in the U.S.)

With my host family in front of a huge Chinese cave temple 

Inside that temple

A really colorful cave temple! 

In front of Malaysia's most famous landmark-the Petronas Twin Towers!

At a fort in Pangkor

There's a lot of pictures of Chinese temples, but this one in Pangkor was the grandest and most colorful of all!

My view of the mountains from the house

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