Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Au Revoir, Ipoh!

As the adage goes, one does not completely realize what he or she has until he or she does not have it anymore. I feel like this saying applies to my feelings right now. Today is my last day in the city of Ipoh, where I have lived, learned, and celebrated for one year of my life. Despite my appreciation of urban life, I have grown to enjoy the peaceful and nurturing environment of Ipoh. As the conclusion of my time in Ipoh draws near, I feel wistful for my first few months in the city. Bittersweet emotions fill me when I think of my return to the U.S. For all of my desire to return home, the notion of leaving Ipoh is quite sad. I will be leaving not only this city but also the school that I have attended for the last ten months, the friends I have made there, and the host family that has graciously hosted me. I will definitely miss Ipoh and its people, and I know I will revisit this city in the future.

As I said, today is my last day in Ipoh; however, it is not my last day in Malaysia. I have a few days left in KL before I leave for the U.S. on June 9. This year learning about Malaysian culture and languages has had a positive influence on me so far, and I am sure that I will learn from and grow due to my experiences in Malaysia. From the colorful festivals and people to the diverse languages and food, Malaysia has been a new land of adventure and discovery for me. I will always remember this year and the colors, celebrations, sounds, individuals, sights, and spices that have made it so vivid. My recollections of Malaysia and Ipoh in particular will remain strong, and I will always treasure my memories of my experience here.

Selamat tinggal, Ipoh!