About AFS

American Field Service (AFS) is an organization that allows for student and volunteer exchange in many countries of the world. AFS has been organizing student exchange programs since 1947 and promotes the building of cultural understanding and connection through face-to-face conversations and hand-to-hand interactions. If anyone is interested in studying or volunteering abroad, AFS is a great organization that helps students and volunteers learn about the culture of their host countries while demonstrating their natural country's values and customs. Here is the link for anyone interested in taking part in student exchange or volunteering in a different country: http://www.afs.org/afs-and-exchange-programs/participate-in-afs-programs/.

 Hosting a student is also very rewarding, as you can learn more about the exchange student's culture while showing the student about your country and culture. Also, you have a great opportunity to form a bond that can last for a lifetime. If anyone is interested in hosting an AFS student, here is the link: http://www.afs.org/afs-and-exchange-programs/become-an-afs-host-family/.

Thank you so much for your interest in AFS, and be sure to check out the YES program that I am on right now!


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